Dryer Reconditioning


Dryer Reconditioning


So why should you have your dryer Reconditioned by our professional Dryer Vent Cleaners in Albuquerque. Mr. Ed has been servicing dryer for over 35 years.  He know's the ins and outs of a dryer and can tell you what is wrong.


Having your dryer Reconditioned will extend the life of your dryer as well as allow it to run better and more efficient. Having the dryer optimized is what really needs to be done when Mr. Ed is done with your vent Service.


What Is Performed During This Dryer Reconditioning?


We take the dryer apart

Ensure the dryer is level

Oil parts

Inspect belt/s

Clean the exhaust vent that leaves the dryer

Vacume the interior of the dryer

Replace worn or broken parts from our fully stocked Van

Reassemble dryer

Reinstall back into proper position

Ensure proper working condition before leaving


As you can see a lot goes into making sure your dryer is in proper working condition. Once this is completed you can be sure that your dryer will be working properly when Mr. Ed leaves.


You will have piece of mind now knowing that your dryer and vent system is clean and in good working condition. Chances are you are now going to be saving energy and shortening the drying time.  You also should have piece of mind to know that any fire hazards that are associated with the vent or dryer have now been eliminated.


This may have extended the life of your dryer too.  By keeping the unit in top condition with proper lubrication and cleaning, there is a chance that your dryer could run for many more years to come. Now understand there is no guarantee of this, anything can break at anytime, but your dryer is running right now in top condition.


Make sure to follow all the procedures listed above to keep your family, home and pocessions safe from possible cause of fire.